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A Plastic-Free Easter

Buy eggs locally if possible and in plastic-free packaging.

Choose wicker, wood, fabric, or bamboo over plastic for Easter baskets.

Skip plastic faux grass in your Easter baskets and use raffia or shredded colored paper.

Instead of plastic eggs make beautiful felt easter eggs.

Plan an Easter egg hunt with wooden eggs. Purchase wooden eggs from a craft store and paint with family and friends.

Or use wooden nest eggs for reusable decorations.

If coloring real eggs, use natural plant dyes. Wrap your eggs with fern and other types of leaves using thread. Color your eggs, unwrap, and enjoy your natural rococo designs.

Fill Easter baskets with books, clothes, or art supplies instead of cheap, plastic toys.

Make bunny footprints! Use a small amount of flour on the floor or counter and create small bunny footprints with your fingertips leading up to the basket.

Greek Easter

Shop locally for fresh produce, eggs, vegetables, fish, meats, and poultry. Bring your own containers or ask for meat to be wrapped in paper.

Prepare soup and foods in advance, so that when you get home after midnight service, you can warm and heat in oven on and stove top.

Make the bread and hard boiled eggs at home that day or the day before.  Lay a clean dish towel over it to prevent drying out.

Choose treats in larger bags or boxes instead of individual wrappers.

Make your own cake. Yum!

Make your festivities about the experience and less about the stuff. Sing, dance, tell stories, and celebrate with friends and family. Enjoy!

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