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BREAK FREE FROM PLASTIC (Von Hernandez, Global Director of BFFP)

Hello friends of H2OO, Kentucky! I want to share this email and the information we we received from BFFP, please also hear:

"With great pleasure, I would like to announce the return of PLASTICSPHERE :

- a bi-weekly sampling and compilation of the most recent

news and developments on plastics. This edition covers the period May to mid -June - and will be updated every 2 weeks moving forward.

As before, a disclaimer : the news contained herein do not reflect the opinions, views, and theories of change of the BFFP movement,

although we have made it a point to categorize the articles for the purposes of trend-scanning and monitoring of developments relevant

to our strategy.

Allow me to also take this opportunity to thank and introduce Gabrielle Cabodil , who put this together . Gabrielle recently joined our coordination team

as Operations Manager, whose key responsibilities include the management and oversight of our membership lists, database, website and

members portal (coming soon!). She holds a degree in Organizational Communications and has experience managing operations and programs

for non -profits and media agencies. Expect to hear more from Gabrielle in the coming days!"

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