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Chemical Recycling-Probably Not The "Holy Grail" Answer To Dealing With Post Consumer Plastic Waste!

As you probably know we are a Core Member of BFFP.

Von Hernandez, global coordinator for BFFP, from the Philippines, who sent the note I’m forwarding, is one of the recipients of the Goldman Awards this year

Here is the personal email we recently received from Von (please review and discuss):

Dear friends,

Kudos to our colleagues in GAIA for the timely release of their latest technical assessment of Chemical Recyling

and for organizing recent webinars on the topic. As we know, Big Plastic has been busy hyping up the promise

of chemical recycling as the ultimate solution or their "holy grail" for dealing with post-consumer plastic waste,

especially those that cannot be recycled mechanically, e.g. multilayer, multimaterial, colored or film plastics.

Given that we expect to encounter more of this industry driven promotion of chemical recycling in the coming months,

especially the plastic to fuel variety, we have adopted the following BFFP Movement Position on Chemical Recycling--

which was developed and agreed with the participation of more than 50 core member organizations of the movement, and

endorsed by the Steering Committee. Feel free to use this as your guide in case you get questions on this topic.

Many thanks to our Policy group, especially Neil Tangri of GAIA for leading and shepherding this process.


Von Hernandez

Global Coordinator

Break Free From Plastic (BFFP)


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