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Come out and see us at the Kentucky Science Center tomorrow!

Updated: May 9, 2019

Please come and see us at our table and participate in educational activities. We will be at Kentucky Science Center tomorrow! There are wonderful activities planned and you will go home empowered to make a difference for Kentucky Waterways and for the Future of our Blue Water Planet!

We can not wait to see you there and also meet our dog Petunia, a rescue and foster dog from the Shamrock Pet Foundation- one that encourages us to get outdoors and help keep our planet healthy! We will address Climate Change, habitat destruction, pollution and will offer helpful advice and suggestions of what you can do to make a difference to HELP PROTECT OUR OCEANS FROM INLAND, HERE IN KENTUCKY!

Please donate an i-device you no longer use, defective or not, to our i-DEVICE DRIVE in PARTNERSHIP WITH ECOCELL!

Sign up and take a pledge to stop using plastic straws.

You will receive a t-shirt, a pair of gloves, a reusable water bottle and a trash collection bag if you promise to make a difference when you are outdoors next time with your dog, to clean up around our Kentucky Waterways (as supplies last)!

Hope to see you tomorrow at the Kentucky Science Center!

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