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Conservation Work Day At Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve, Nov. 6, 10-3pm!

We are looking for volunteer conservation enthusiasts and volunteer gardeners galore to assist in projects concerning native habitat restoration and milkweed restoration in support of our monarch way station at Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve!

It is essential to restore native plant habitat to support our native species and we need to weed out non-native plants.

Please come prepared with gardening tools, work gloves and saved energy to help us support our local park.

Our group will gather at the covered picnic pavilion near the bathroom area and parking lot uphill from the Mahan Branch library.or the fire pit, so we may welcome them and orient them, then we can lead them to the garden area.

Please bring your own loppers (for cutting stalks) and/or clippers, a shovel or trowel (for planting), and if you have a pitch fork (for mulch) and a wheelbarrow, it might help as well!

Creasey Mahan can provide some extra tools, but not enough to go around.

Please wear comfortable garden clothes (long sleeves are recommended due to the scratchy stalks that will be cut back), and bug repellent of your choice. We will mostly be working in the sun, so you may want to wear a hat and wear sunscreen.

We cannot wait to see you at our conservation project! Thank you so much for your consideration and support!

Please bring your own refillable water bottle. Food , juices and snacks will be provided for volunteers!

We will have two separate projects in progress that day - one on native habitat reconstruction led by Caecilia Isenhart , the other led by Freya Isenhart addressing milkweeds for monarchs and pollinator habitat establishment!

come prepared to dive in be involed!

Thank you so much for your support!

Freya and Caecilia Isenhart

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