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Creek Sweep A Huge Success!

Kentucky Heirs To Our Oceans had another successful Creek Sweep at Arthur K Draut Park this past Saturday! The first thing pulled out of Beargrass creek was a set of cell phones!! You guys know that there are no laws on e-waste in the State of Kentucky- and we are working on changing that! My sisters, Freya and Caecilia, are so awesome for spotting these right on and we take this as a sign to keep pushing for a safer environment and healthier streams and citizens in our State! Please consider donating your I-devices to EcoCell Louisville as they are the most responsible recycler around- and not to oversee..., they give back to our planet by saving endangered species! Please do not discard of your old and unusable I-devices, please keep Kentucky safe from dangerous and harmful chemicals and keep recycling! We hope to see you at our next sweep! 🌎

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