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Did You Know That It Takes Hundreds Of Years For A Piece Of Plastic To Biodegrade?

I don't know if you have been active outdoors more lately since it is difficult to be locked up indoors with social distancing and all... I have made it my goal to stay physically active and been hiking more at local parks, been out on the river, been kayaking and rowing a lot more ... Well, I have been paying more attention to the environment since I have made it my goal to pick up trash whenever I'm out.

Sadly, I have noticed an incline in plastic bottles floating in our waterways...

I looked at the timeline of trash to envision how long it would take for all that to go away...

We all know and have heard it over and over that it is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish...

The facts are clear and there is one solution. We need to change our habits and reduce the use of single use plastics. Please look at the timeline we have added... Is it not shocking that a plastic bottle will be around for 450 years if thrown into our environment"? Think the plastic straws that cause such harm to our wildlife - and think that even after causing harm and death to one animal, it could go on and even cause the death of another...and another!

We can make a difference if we try to change our daily habits just a tiny bit. Let's try to say no to the plastic straw, shop more at local farm markets and bring our own containers...

Refuse needless packaging, reduce your trash, reuse your containers, then recycle!

Every bit matters. Be the Change! Take Action!

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