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E-Scrap Laws/ Kentucky

Electronic waste and electrical products in homes are not currently regulated or banned from landfill disposal in Kentucky. This means that households may legally dispose of electronic equipment, such as home computers and monitors, in their garbage, provided that your garbage collector and landfill will accept it. 

E-waste’s hazardous

metals get mixed into the soil or the chemicals leach into groundwater or convert into harmful emissions that are liberated into the air we breathe. The repercussions of these practices are catastrophic. We need to change this.because Kentuckians' health is affected since this waste is nothing but a combination of plastics and toxic chemicals being released into the environment.

Pollutants such as dioxins and furans from polyvinyl chloride, lead, beryllium, cadmium, mercury, etc. get into our environment and cause the following health hazards:

-Reproductive issues

-Developmental problems

- Damage to the immune system

-Interference with regulatory hormones

-Damage to the nervous system

-Kidney damage

-Hamper’s brain development in children

-May lead to lung cancer

-Chronic beryllium disease

-Skin ailments

-Cadmium accumulations on liver and kidney

-Asthmatic bronchitis

-DNA damage Muscle weakness

- Endocrine system disruption

-Alzheimer's disease


Exposure to harmful chemicals present in e-waste can lead to severe health hazards that are at times fatal. It is time that we find out sustainable ways to dispose of e-waste, ones that are organised and safe and not just allow for this dangerous waste to be in our Kentucky landfills.

We are working on raising awareness through educational programs and permanent gadget collections at Kentucky schools.

We partnered with EcoCell for our upcoming programs that will launch at Jefferson County schools so that any unusable gadgets are kept out of Kentucky landfills.

All gadgets will be fully recycled through EcoCell. They lead with strictly no-landfill laws and by donating back to protect our environment.

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