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Electronic Waste

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Photo credit : Caecilia Isenhart

Environmental migrants or climate refugees are people who are forced to leave their home region due to sudden or long-term changes to their local environment. These are changes which compromise their well-being or secure livelihood.

When e-waste is warmed up, toxic chemicals are released into the air damaging the atmosphere. The damage to the atmosphere is one of the biggest environmental impacts from e-waste. When electronic waste is thrown away in landfills their toxic materials seep into groundwater, affecting both land and sea animals.

Kentucky Heirs To Our Oceans is working on educating the public about the dangers of escrap if disposed of in our Kentucky landfills.

Our state has no laws or regulations on ewaste. It is legal to dispose of escrap in our Kentucky landfills even though this causes dangerous chemicals to be released into the environment.

We spoke at many public meetings addressing the dangers of ewaste to human health if disposed of in landfills and we also understand that these dangerous pollutants affect our groundwater, inland waterways and oceans.

Please help us spread the word that ewaste is dangerous and needs responsible recycling.

So far we have built a partnership and gained support from EcoCell, a company that provides responsible recycling of gadgets and accessories while also giving back to the environment.

We need to realize that every little bit we do can help our planet.

By recycling raw materials from discarded electronics, natural resources are conserved and air and water pollution caused by hazardous disposal is avoided. Recycling e-waste from landfills reduces methane emissions, which are 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere. Let’s work together to change the law in our state, help save our waterways from pollution, help protect the health of Kentuckians and all people around the world through these easy strategies to climate action and environmental responsibility.

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