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Electronic Waste in Kentucky - Take A Stand!!

We urge you to take a stand and to help us make Electronic Waste Recycling a possibility in every single county in Kentucky!

We want to protect the health of Kentucky citizens and also protect our environment from toxic chemicals leaking from electronic waste in landfills!

Please read this info to understand how beneficial it is to recycle electronic waste!

Please know that we always collect gadgets in partnership with EcoCell. EcoCell is an amazing company that gives back to protect endangered species in Africa. Bring us your gadgets so we can drop them off to be reused, recycled!

Drop off is always at 12400 Barbizon Court, Goshen Ky 40026, at any of North Oldham School campuses (ask for Lars Isenhart @ Harmony, for Lucia Isenhart @ NOMS, for Freya or Caecilia Isenhart @ NOHS to pick up your donations at the front office) OR donate directly to (shipping labels available online / or drop off boxes at Zoos!).

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