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** Kentucky Heirs To Our Oceans’ Emergency Support Drive for Louisville’s Homeless Community**

We are trying to help once again with a support drive of items that are absolutely essential for survival in these frigid temperatures.

There is a great need for :

Luminar Chafing Dish Fuel Cans!

Homeless people can use Fuel Cans /Warming Wick Candles as a heat source and a way to heat up food to stay alive. There is such a need for these right now.

If you are at all able to help with a donation, you can send this directly to

“ kYH2OO Kindness Project for the Homeless of Louisville“ @ Finishing Effects , 9521 W. U.S. Hwy 42, Prospect, KY 40059

or contact us directly via messenger (Kentucky Heirs To Our Oceans) or text to (502) 510-0293 or (502) 819-5662 for pick up!

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