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“Forever Chemicals/PFAS; A Massive Local to Global Public Health Threat!" UN's SDG#6

Please join Teena Halbig (credentials:U of L Bachelor of Science and Certificate in Medical Technology;

MT(ASCP): Medical Technologist by American Society of Clinical Pathologists;

Clinical Laboratory Scientist by National Certification Agency (NCA);

Jewish Hospital Microbiologist, Virologist (Center for Disease Control training),

U of L Researcher in Dept. of Pediatrics Cytogenetics and Hematology/Oncology, (retired)

in a Zoom discussing tonight Nov. 18, 6pm EST!: “Forever Chemicals/PFAS; A Massive Local to Global Public Health Threat!"

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal SDG #6: Clean Water & Sanitation)

for a zoom meeting tonight at 6pm EST! Find out how these chemicals affect health, their history, where they are found, what businesses use/used these substances, how they are being detected in Louisville's Drinking Water and in the Ohio River and how you can help by contacting Congressional Members about bills in Congress.

"Taking Action Now on 'Forever Chemicals' know as PFAS;

A Massive Local to Global Public Health Threat

in Drinking Water & Wastewater"

Let's work together to keep ourselves informed and help make a difference to protect the health of our fellow Kentucky citizens from cancer!

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