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Global Summit (S.E.A.L.)

Kentucky Heirs To Our Oceans are youth leaders who are dedicated to inspire awareness, responsibility and action among youth worldwide to protect the waters of our Blue Planet for us and for future generations.

Our Kentucky Heirs representatives will travel to California to participate in the H2OO International S.E.A.L. (Summit for Empowerment Action and Leadership) .

S.E.A.L. is an international engagement of youth where they will become encouraged, prepared and supported to be the next generation, connected in purpose - where they will be rising up together to take on the challenges presented by human impact on our world's oceans and waterways.

This Summit for Empowerment Action & Leadership 2019 (H2OO SEAL 2019) will bring youth from Nigeria, New Zealand, France, Saipan, Marshall Islands, Palau, Kentucky and California together, to connect in processing and solving the challenges our oceans and waterways face and in developing empathetic leadership skills together!

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