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It’s Tick Season!

Hello Natur Enthusiasts! We know you are out there cleaning the trails and waterways…

and since it is tick season, we’d love for you to check yourselves and your animals for ticks!

We have seen so many already… and if you find one on you, please remove it safely and please send it to UK (University of Kentucky) for study. Send all ticks in a bag with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol.


Anna Pasternak

1100 South Limestone

Agriculture North

S 225

Lexington Ky 40546

Send your name, number and location and if it was found on a human or animal.

UK is studying all ticks to see what they carry and if one carries something they will notify you with what they found. They are trying to see what areas have is carrying what.anyone who goes out In the woods and gets a tick please send it to UK for study.

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