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...❤️ Kindness Project for the Homeless ❤️...

We are collecting items for our Blessing Bags for the Homeless of Louisville!

!!! 12400 Barbizon Court , Goshen, Ky 40026!!!

will be a drop off for items. Also, see below- you can message us if you would like to send items directly to us via Amazon.

Many items can be ordered in bulk on Amazon and sent directly to us.

Please message us on Facebook if you have any questions.

Items needed:

New socks (for men and women)

New gloves

***Hot Hands Hand Warmers - (these are a high priority item)

Travel size toothpaste

Travel size mouthwash

Individually wrapped toothbrush

Travel size hand sanitizer

Travel size baby wipes

Individually wrapped snacks

Individually wrapped candy bars

Gallon size zip lock bags

Individually wrapped face masks

Any encouraging cards would be appreciated as well to put in the individual bags.♥️

**** Wet cat food! - there is a dire need for wet cat food for caretakers of cat colonies. Wet cat food is really needed and will be handed directly to those who care for stray colonies!♥️ 🐈 🐈‍⬛🐈

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