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Let’s all be more responsible

"President Franklin D. Roosevelt first established Soil and Water Conservation Districts to combat one of America’s greatest ecological disasters.

It was 1935, during the height of The Dust Bowl. Farmers watched their farms and their livelihoods dry up. Drought, compounded by poor farming practices, reduced the topsoil to a fine powder that blew away in massive rolling dust storms.

In its wake, the federal government established the Soil Conservation Service to help communities learn how to better manage their natural resources. Today, that program is called the National Resources Conservation Service.

At a community level, that program continues today in Kentucky’s 121 Soil and Water Conservation Districts. Though their budgets have shrunk, the role they provide for communities remains important today as Kentucky grapples with impacts of a changing climate.

Let’s be responsible and practice conservation. Every day reduce, reuse... - and recycle your ewaste to keep dangerous chemicals out of Kentucky landfills!

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