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One single Lithium battery from a cellphone can contaminate 60,000 liters of water!

As you know we did our research and worked on educating the public at events, spoke at council and board meetings in our city, met with legislators and government officials brainstorming the waste issue in our state.

We launched a test run of a gadget collection project in partnership and with the support of EcoCell. Our project was successful. Many inquired and were surprised that there are no laws in our state addressing toxic ewaste in Kentucky landfills. As of now there are no regulations or laws that address this issue. It is just recommended ewaste be recycled in our state.

As of now it is perfectly legal to dump your dangerous waste into our local landfills and we take the chance that dangerous chemicals leach into our Kentucky soil and groundwater, creeks and streams. If you look at previous posts on our site or listened to our presentations, you understand that the health of Kentuckians is at risk. Escrap contains dangerous carcinogens and toxins that are directly related to cancer and Alzheimer's disease. The rates of Alzheimer's disease and cancers are rising and we wonder why are there no laws addressing this issue in our state?

We organize regular creek sweeps and park clean up sessions and when we cleaned up Beargrass Creek last month we found two cell phones in the creek after a few minutes...

Please consider the dangers of gadgets and e-

waste if disposed of incorrectly.

Please consider that one single Lithium-Ion battery from a cellphone can contaminate 60,000 liters of groundwater if thrown in a landfill or creek!

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