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Our House Is On Fire- and here is what you can do to HELP COMBAT CLIMATE CHANGE:

I am compiling a list of helpful things that you can do to combat climate change. We have to start somewhere..., just pick what you can do and start to day. We cannot continue on like we have been. Please just start with baby steps because every tiny bit you do to change your habit will create a ripple effect and make waves to help combat climate change. Here is a list of things that you can do to help save our planet:

-Design your workspace around natural light

-unplug electronic devices when you don't use them

-recycle-even your clothes

-upcycle your furniture

-wash your laundry in cold water

-use programmable thermostats

-clean hvac filters every 3 months

-change lightbulbs to LED

-get a home audit

-add solar panels to your home


-build a downspout planter box

-insulate your home


-hack your thermostat

-remove your lawn

-don't buy a new home, renovate

-xeriscape your lawn, use drought-tolerant plants

-hang clothes on dry-lines, no dryer

-reduce trash

-reuse your trash and repurpose

-recycle what you cannot reuse or repurpose

-plant a community garden

-support urban farming

-reduce food waste

-don't drink bottled water (look up if you live in an area with unsafe water. They have a W.O.W. cart that purifies water in no time for filling into reusable containers. No more plastic bottles!

-..... and on and on.....

You get the idea... There is so much to do to change habits and lifestyles to make an impact and save our beautiful water planet.

Please start today. We need you in this mission and cannot wait to hear from you and learn how you have changed to make a difference!

We are in this together,

Kentucky Heirs (Jens, Freya, Caecilia, and Lucia)

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