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Our Kentucky Landfills

Do you know that if you choose to toss your old electronics in the trash instead of disposing of them properly, they will most likely end up in a landfill. Kentucky has no laws or regulations addressing e-waste. Electronic waste currently accounts for 2% of the trash found in U.S. landfills, however it also accounts for 70% of the overall toxic waste.

E-waste contains a number of toxic chemicals, including arsenic, mercury, lead, barium and chromium. If electronic devices are left in landfills, these toxic chemicals will eventually begin to leak out into the environment. Chemicals that are absorbed into the ground could contaminate the water supply and affect people in the surrounding communities. Because of this, it’s strongly recommended that you recycle your electronic waste instead of letting it end up in a landfill.

Kentucky Heirs To Our Oceans is working on addressing the e-waste situation in our state because we cannot allow chemicals from these devices to end up polluting our creeks and streams, affecting the health of Kentucky citizens. Please support our partnership with EcoCell and we will keep you posted on what we have planned for a brighter and healthier future for our Bluegrass state. I am Jens Isenhart with Kentucky Heirs To Our Oceans, please email me with any questions.

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