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Kentucky Heirs To Our Oceans members aim to educate the public about the electronic waste situation in our state. Kentucky lacks regulations that address e-waste disposal and this program seeks to protect Kentucky's environment and citizens from the dangerous toxins contained in e-waste. E-waste buildup in Kentucky landfills creates chemical runoff that can cause conditions like Alzheimer's disease and a variety of cancers in human and animal physiologies. We hope that you will help support KRC's Center for Environmental Policy as they have provided us with access to research and have guided us in making a case for change! The Kentucky Resources Council has listened to us and our concerns. During the 2019 calendar year,  KRC’s Center for Environmental Policy published three (3) policy papers: No. 19-01 Environmental Justice; No. 19-02 Electronic Waste: Making The Case For E-Waste Recycling Programs; and No. 19-03 Host Agreements 101.  Two additional policy papers are expected to be published by the end of 2019.

Kentucky Heirs To Our Oceans are so thankful for this light at the end of a dark tunnel! Article No. 19-02 especially sheds light on the dangers of e-waste in landfills and its direct effects on both human and animal life. The article offers guidelines for change that will protect people, wildlife, and even entire ecosystems from this threat. This article thinks not just about the present day, but takes future generations -- human or animal -- into account to make both Kentucky and the world a better, safer place to live.

We have accepted the challenge to further educate the public about this dire situation. We must keep e-waste recycling programs in schools and public spaces. We must also further partnerships with our citizens, environmental organizations, and companies like EcoCell!

We also must humbly ask for any support and donations to continue our efforts. Without this, KRC would be an even smaller voice in the fight against E-Waste. If interested, please see the link below. Thank you!


Jens Isenhart, President/ Founder Kentucky Heirs To Our Oceans

Freya Isenhart, Co-Founder KYH2OO

Caecilia, Co-Founder KYH2OO

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