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Please Write Letters! Please Help Colton, A Child Suffering From PTSD After Tornadoes, Feel Better!

While we are working hard to make a difference to prevent or reduce future disasters, please help us support those who have suffered under the recent tornadoes in Kentucky! Here is a message from a mom of a little boy ho was injured in the recent tornadoes and she is looking for support for her little boy who is suffering from PTSD now. Please read the message and please support us with our efforts of sending cards in support of little Colton! Please see the photos of what is left of his home.

Here is a message from Colton’s mom: “We lived in Dawson Springs and were hit pretty hard by the tornado. My oldest son who is 5 broke his arm and has been having a hard time mentally with everything. He's having multiple panic attacks a day and worries constantly that another tornado is coming. I was just wondering if anyone would be willing to send him some cards to cheer him up and make him feel a little bit better” Can be addressed to Colton Corrao 1385 US HWY 41A South Dixon KY 42409

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