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Spend The Season Outdoors

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Now is the time we start reflecting on the holidays and people somehow feel they have to shop for gifts to show their love. Shopping for things and receiving need-less items is often so unfulfilling and things, mostly made of plastic, end up in the trash (not to consider all the packaging. Also,so much money goes to waste and could be spent wiser, for instance in support of people or animals who truly need support. Let’s all rethink the holiday season and be more considerate, especially of our environment.

Here is a list of things you could do instead of shopping for gifts…, a list of suggestions of how to spend quality time with loved ones instead :

  • Take a walk around the neighborhood.

  • Do a puzzle or play a board game.

  • Find a DIY project to do throughout the week (finishing a little each day).

  • Plan out your next vacation together.

  • Find a new recipe and make it for dinner together.

  • Take a mini road trip.

  • Go stargazing.

  • go to the shelter and bring home a pet in need and foster it.

  • Spend as much time with friends and family

outdoors as you can

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