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Thank You For Visiting Us At the Kentucky Science Center!

What a wonderful day it was at the Kentucky Science Center! We had over 600 people visit our table and learn about Inland Ocean Action! We loved your interest in taking a pledge to work on reducing waste, especially plastics and for promising to try to not use any plastic straws from here on out! People walked away with information and some ideas to enable them to save our Water Planet. Nobody is perfect and it is almost impossible to not use ANY plastic in daily life- so don't become discouraged about using plastics once in a while. It is more important to realise that even one tiny change can have a ripple effect that brings on greater change for a healthier planet. Everything we do counts, so even one straw saved will maybe save one animal or one less plastic bag being tossed can save one more whale. Let's look at this in a positive way. We feel that we touched a minimum of 600 people's lives with information on how to make a difference for our planet. If we sparked an interest for our planet and for Inland Ocean Action in some of the people who visited us and talked to us today, we believe we have made a difference and that there is greater hope healthier creeks, streams and rivers in Kentucky! Join us in the movement!

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