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The Case For Electronic Waste Recycling In Kentucky

We have been working on raising awareness over the past few years and we want change. Kentucky is one of the last states that has absolutely no regulations or laws addressing electronic waste disposal in our Bluegrass landfills. As of now it is perfectly legal to dump any and all ewaste into our Kentucky landfills and with the lack of regulation we are causing harm to the health of our fellow citizens. We want to have all Kentucky citizens have access to e-waste recycling, not just half of our counties. Kentucky can do better to protect our people from cancer, Alzheimer's and thyroid disorders, birth defects and more...

Please read more and also watch our mini clip addressing the dangers of e-waste in a nutshell.

Please help us take a stand to protect the most vulnerable, us children! We've had a wonderful experience and earned bipartisan support in our efforts to create a healthier Kentucky for all.

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