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Thirsty Thursday: Drink in bulk!

During Plastic Free July, instead of buying individual sodas or juices in plastic bottles to quench your thirst, consider alternatives! Most beverages can be found in aluminum cans and glass bottles, which can be much more effectively recycled than plastic bottles. Even better, brew yourself a pitcher of Sun Tea and store it in a few of those bottles you've washed for re-use. Or, add some fresh mint or lemon slices to a half-gallon of ice water in the fridge for an easy refreshment, sweetened or not.

The fewer individually bottled drinks we buy, the less waste we generate. To explore this and other ideas about reducing plastic waste, here is a unique offer available to the first 300 people who register:

Today, July 9th at 1:00pm EDT, the Trash Free Waters Program is offering a webinar free to the public titled: The Current State and Uncertain Future of Local Policies on Single-Use Plastics in the U.S. You can register for the webinar here:

"We hope that you will join us for an in-depth discussion on state and local policies designed to reduce single-use plastic waste in the U.S. In this webinar, we will explore recent developments in the creation and implementation of state and local plastic policies across the country. We will also discuss the challenges for reducing plastic waste at the state and local level, including the ways in which public health concerns may factor into decision-making around single-use plastics."

--US EPA Trash Free Waters

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