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Please Support Kentucky HB 189!!l Please help us end plastic pollution!

Our oceans are drowning in plastic!! By 2050 it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in our world’s oceans if we don’t change our ways starting now!

There is a bill in the Kentucky House addressing just that. It starts with fading out single use plastics out of our daily lives! Think how often the average person eats out at fast food restaurants here in our state, or how we just go to Kroger or Walmart having groceri bagged in single use plastic bags instead of reusable ones! Think more than 80% of disposables end up in landfills, unrecycled! The plastics disposed in trash cans will fly away, end up in our waterways as shown with recent creek sweeps we held here in Louisville and with brand audits we conducted. The problem is that these plastics are too readily accessible and it needs to change at the source! We cannot just choose convenience over the alternafive- plastics in the form of micros plastics in our bloodstream and organs,trash affecting our wildlife , planet destruction, climate change, more NATURAL DISASTERS! Solutions for environmentally safer options are already available and must be integrated as soon as possible so we can save our planet before it’s too late!

We are just kids but we have our entire lives ahead of us! We don’t want our bodies polluted with microsplastics! It is estimated that 8 out of 10 plastic bottles end up in landfill and the plastic in our environment is broken down into microplastics, end up in our bloodstream and accumulate in our organs!

We are slowly dying, just as our wildlife is and our planet as a whole. Please help us stop needless plastic pollution!

Please support HB189!

This bill is an act relating to plastic waste carried by Mary Lou Marzian.

We fully support this bill and you can too by emailing or calling your legislators:

Thank you so much for your support!!🦈🌏🐋🌍🐢🌎🐠

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