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We have been so busy, if you missed our blog, please read on!

You may wonder about the lack of posts to this website- though we can explain...

While some of our members have been busy and involved in amazing environmental support in many ways out on the Northern Pacific Coast, the rest of our Kentucky Heirs have been cleaning up along creeks in our National Parks here in Kentucky. As the president of this chapter and with our main goal addressing e-waste in the state of Kentucky, I have traveled and attended Kentucky Boys State program at Campbellsville University and again met with State representatives to gather more helpful information of how our government and the bill process works - and I was also selected and attended a week-long session with the Ronald Reagan Foundation and Leadership Institute to plan major change to protect the health of fellow Kentucky citizens as well as that of our native creeks and streams here in our beautiful Bluegrass State. I will be working with members of the Kentucky Resources Council and with the support of EcoCell in the future. Please look at some of our involvement at Stanford University, at the California State Capitol addressing bills SB54 and AB1080, involvement with local creek sweeps, land-sea pollution water testing in Northern California as well as here in our state checking acidicity and nutrient distribution (all important information for future stream monitoring involvement of local creeks and streams here in Kentucky), decolonization and empathetic leadership and environmental empowerment as responsible local and global citizens. Please keep on mind that everything we do inland, here in our state, has an impact on the health of local creeks, streams, rivers, the health of our Kentucky citizens and eventually the health of our world's oceans and all people around the world. Let's think globally and act locally.

I am Jens with Kentucky Heirs To Our Oceans and I hope to have you join us in the future with our environmental involvement!

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