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Which products are hazardous?

What's under our kitchen sink or in the garage can be hazardous to people and our water.

Help keep our rivers, lakes, and beaches clean while looking out for these hazards and using precautions.

Automotive: Oil, transmission fluid, gasoline/diesel fuel

Home improvement: Oil-based products, glue, rust remover.

Pesticides/weed killers

Cleaners: Tub and tile, oven

Other: nail polish, hair relaxer, mercury thermometer, alcohol-based lotion, prescription medication, aerosol cans

How do I store my products?

Keep unused products in their original containers with their label intact.Keep all lids and caps on and tightly closed. Store products inside dry, cool areas, away from kids and pets. Only buy what you need and maintain a small inventory.

How do I dispose of my products?

Never dump household hazardous waste down storm drains, sinks, or on the ground. Take them to a recycling location. Contact your local community or county for household hazardous waste collection options.

What alternatives can I use?

Try using baking soda, white vinegar, and essential oils when cleaning your house. For example, sprinkle baking soda and vacuum to clean carpets. Spraying vinegar water is an easy way to clean windows.

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